Smart gadgets for pets.

Posted by Roman Puhachov on Jun 15th 2022

Smart gadgets for pets.

Why do we need smart gadgets for cats and dogs? The answer is actually simple - to make it easier to care for pets, help to increase their life expectancy. We give our love and receive it in return.

Let's look at the most popular categories for our furry pets.

Automatic Pet Drinking Dispenser. Gadgets for feeding pets.

Many cats, for example, do not drink from a bowl, preferring tap water. Such animals may also like an automatic drinker. Due to the constant recirculation, the water in it is enriched with oxygen and remains fresh all the time. It can also be used for dogs.

Plastic White Motion Sensor Pet, Dog or Cat Water Drinking Fountain, 3 Liter Capacity

The automatic drinker can be equipped with a replaceable filter that cleans the liquid from food pieces, small debris, and microorganisms. In some models, medical devices can be installed in a special compartment of the gadget, for example, a soluble tablet that will rid the pet’s teeth of plaque, stone, and bacteria. 

Pet Automatic Drinking Water Fountain for Cats, Dogs and Birds with Carbon Filter, 60 oz Water Capacity

Automatic Pet Feeders

Next come the Automatic Feeders. Dogs, like their ancestors, wolves, literally swallow food in the largest portions during meals. Unlike wolves, in dogs, such consumptions can lead to some health problems. If you spend all your days at work or often go on business trips, an automatic feeder will definitely come in handy for you. The tank of automatic feeders allows you to store a supply of dry food and set up a feeding program by the hour.

6-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder LCD Smart Programmable Time Setting Pet Dog Cat Food Compartment Dispenser

Such feeders can work both from the mains and batteries - if the light goes out at home, the pet will not remain hungry. To attract the attention of an animal, you can save a voice message in the device's memory, it will be played before feeding. These and other functions are designed both to simplify the process of caring for a pet and to insure its owners in case of absence or sudden adventures.