How to get a cat to use a scratching post? What is the best scratching post?

Posted by Roman Puhachov on Dec 27th 2021

How to get a cat to use a scratching post? What is the best scratching post?

A scratching post is a must-have for a cat – it not only serves to tidy up the claws, but cats also use it to indicate territory and relieve stress. If you need to leave home for the holiday with your kitten, be sure to bring a scratching post with you. 

Sharpening your claws is a natural need for a cat. It is an activity that they perform every day. If you are traveling with your furry friend, you need to make sure that the scratching post, which can be assembled on site, travels with you, otherwise you risk seeing the innate feline instinct in action: on furniture, sofas, or curtains. We recommend that you try such a scratching post at home a few days before departure, so that the cat gets used to this object and takes with it a piece, or rather the smell of the house, to rest.

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How to get a cat to use a scratching post?

First, show your cats, that they can sharpen their claws not only on walls and furniture but also on scratching posts. To do this, take some favorite treat of your cat, call her and go to the scratching post together. Hold the food over the accessory, so that the cat can reach the treat only by touching the scratching post. As soon as, her paws touch the scratching post and she reaches your hand, you can treat her to a treat.

It is advisable to carry out such manipulations every time you notice that the cat wants to scratch something or sniffs at the scratching post. Be sure to encourage her with sweets when she does everything right, and after a few days, and maybe even earlier, she will do it all without your participation. 

If the scratching post is not in the place where you would like, then you can gradually, as the cat gets used to, move it to the place you want. 

Of course, in no case scold your pet, they are unlikely to understand what you want from them.  

These scratching posts are ideal for those with limited space at home. They are easy to move from place to place, they are easy to disassemble and reassemble in the blink of an eye.

What is the best scratching post material?

Preference is given to natural jute or sisal ropes. Eco-friendly fibers of natural origin do not generate electricity, are safe for humans, and will not harm your animal. Cats love a rag covered in plant fibers, and can be put off by the smell of synthetics, impregnation, and paint.

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